It's out!! The album, on which I worked for almost 3 years is now online worldwide: DIGITAL BUBBLEGUM!! And I can hardly describe it in words how much I have grown dear to each individual song and what wonderful things I associate with the implementation of the corresponding videos! It wasn't originally planned that way, but at the latest with the legendary paternoster video for INVISIBLE MAN it has also become a kind of audio / video project, because I got an incredible amount of interest in the visual implementation of my songs! Check out my YT channel, there are already 8 videos and our SPACE VIDEO for the title song will appear parallel to the album! All 15 songs that have accompanied me in the last 3 years are now combined on this album. Check it out HERE! 

For the video of the titelsong, I always imagined a spacetrip in a science-fiction styled atmosphere - Check out, Jules, Kai, Björn and me in SPACE!

The album is also released as a physical CD, limited Vinyl and special MP3 Bubble Download Package! The first vinyl edition was sold out after a week! Due to vinyl delivery delays, reordering is taking longer than expected these days! You can email me to be on the waiting list! The CD version is still in stock and also comes with the limited Bubble MP3 package! Just send us an email HERE



NOW ONLINE EVERYWHERE: The XRAY REMIX of the single ANYONE AWAKE! As the Single is about a journey to the Year 1985 („Back to the Future“), I'm using some synth-figures, that are inspired by

DEAD OR ALIVEs „You spin me Round“, that was released in that year! The X-RAY Clubmixes are a series of BIGROOM House-styled Versions in the style of DJ-Heroes like ERIC PRYDZ, AXWELL, INGROSSO etc from the glory days of Electro House! This is a 3 Track EP, that also contains the previous X-RAY

Clubmixes from ANYONE AWAKE?" and "INVISIBLE MAN".





My new Single is OUT! It is called DELOREAN OVERDRIVE and it's  a fantastic Ride through the sound barriers of music history!! Because I'm really fascinated by the 80s and especially the Year 1985, I wanted to create a song that is a perfect mixture of the year, BACK TO THE FUTUTE came out and the electronic sounds of today! In the Video, I'm gonna take you on a journey through 80s Arcade Games and Future-Disco! ENJOY YOUR FLYKE!!




Also check out our TIMETRAVEL-VIDEO on YOUTUBE:

Jonah's whale

My new single JONAH'S WHALE is out!! Even though the song was written before the lockdown, it is more topical than ever, because it's about never losing hope and courage in life.


The Video, as you can see on the cover was shot completely underwater!

We were shooting „ANYONE AWAKE“, one of my previous Videos on the Canary Islands  and one day, when I relaxed at this pool in my hotel, I noticed, that there’s noone in the water!  I thought.. wow - that’s a perfect place for another MusicVideo! But there was no song with  an „underwater theme“..  I thought about the right context and soon I had the idea to  write a song about Jonah and the Whale! A song about patience and the believe that everything’s gonna be alright in the end! 2 days later the song was finished - I had the whole verses and chorusses in my head and an approximate idea about the tempo. But there were just 2 Days left before our departure! I needed to capture everything the day before we went home and that was exhausting… but also  very funny! On the very last morning I had the idea for the final sequence  (no spoiler at this point :)) and luckily I managed to capture that too  absolute LAST MINUTE!"




Here it is - the tribute to my alltime heroes - the soundtrack of my life: DURAN DURAN! 

Since my new album is a perfect mixture of 80s and current styles, this should of course not be missing!

The lyrics are about a virtual love affair, that starts online and ends up in reality and the video

was shot during an absolute wonderful trip to Venice, where we shot unforgettable scenes on

the Canale Grande and in the heart of this beautiful place. The Band Scenes were filmed in the

great PIXX SUPERSTUDIO in Hamburg together with my band!




NOW ONLINE EVERYWHERE: The XRAY REMIX of the single ANYONE AWAKE! These club versions appear parallel to most of the singles of the new longlplayer. The associated VIDEO was released as part of the big HOLLYWOOD TRAMP anniversary YT show with great acts like Adam Lambert, Melanie C, Loona etc. The Video was filmed in an exciting Skulpture by the Artist Darko Caramello Nikolic!




We captured the video for ANYONE AWAKE in the MASPALOMAS dunes of Grand Canaria. In order to emphasize the central message of the song, NEWS graphics form the counterpart and communicate keywords and headlines. I'll never forget the imposing landscape and the atmosphere early in the morning in the middle of the desert! 




Here it is - the stunning X-RAY CLUBMIX of the INVISIBLE MAN! This is a beginning of a series of Club-Remixes in the famous BIGROOM style, that acts like ERIC PRYDZ, AXWELL, SEBASTIAN INGROSSO and many other Dance-Artists made famous. In the Video ANNIE HEGER, who did the female Vocals appears on the cool Retro TV! 






I had a great talk with the Indie-Music-Magazine STEREO STICKMAN!

You can read the full Interview here:

Chris Flyke talks with STEREO STICKMAN


The video for INVISIBLE MAN was created in a paternoster-lift (the one that runs non-stop) and that was

an unforgettable experience and also a logistical challenge!


We started with the vocal passages, which had to be captured perfectly in sync. With countless takes and a lot of fun, the other recordings with the entire band were made. In order to establish the relationship to the title, the idea of installing a real "INVISIBLE MAN" in the style of the well-known film series of the 50s came up during the recording. We reserved this appearance for the showdown of the video and the Invisible Man was played by nobody else than my mother!





Despite the dramatic Covid-19 circumstances, the LIVE EP "LIVE AT LOGO" was released in the middle of the first lockdown in April 2020. The EP is a recording of my performance with my new band as part of a great celebration in January at Logo, Hamburg! The 4-track EP is online everywhere, as well as the entire gig on YouTube!


Vocals and Keys: Chris Flyke, Guitars: Julian Neumann, Drums: Kai Weidle, Bass: Björn Kröger 





The video for the second single was recorded in the south of France in Cannes, Nice and San Tropez.

The central message of the song: Let us all LIVE IN THE MOMENT and without thinking too much about TOMORROW. We shot the introduction in front of the legendary CARLTON HOTEL, where Cary Grant was already walking across the zebra crossing in Hitchcock's "TO CATCH A THIEF"!


The B/W recordings become more and more colorful in the course of the clip and end in the showdown, which was recorded early in the morning on the pebble beach of Nice in full color gamut. To make the story appear more realistic, another studio level was added designed in which most of the vocal passages could take place.




As a big fan of the late 70s / early 80s, it was a matter close to my heart to bring this style into the present and to create a sound in a mixture of new wave synth-pop and current electro vibes that runs like a red thread the whole new album will pull. This song was the INITIAL SPARK of everything, that brought me back to where I belong and it felt like "phoenix from the flames", when I worked on it.


The omnipresent social media madness as a topic was just crying out for a flashy pop video that was made in the so-called "Supercandy Pop-Up Museum" in Cologne where I went with my close friend ROSE REBELLE aka Rebecca Hoppé to shoot some scenes for some hours. We ended up filming all weekend! In addition to pink aircraft cabins, huge candy lollys and an Eldorado with brightly colored backdrops, there was even a bubble bath!





Synth Pop, Indietronica combined with New Wave and Disco Funk - 

THAT IS the world of German producer Chris Flyke, who is currently working on his new album „Digital Bubblegum“. Musically, Chris mixes superbe 80s Dance and Funky grooves à la Jamiroquai, bright vocoders & beats à la Daft Punk  with NuDisco-vibes à la Roosevelt! You can clearly notice the influences of his heroes Duran Duran, the Pet Shop Boys and his passion for acts like Coldplay, Keane and Miami Horror. The darkly colored indie universe and the garish world of MainstreamPop - Chris Flyke combines them perfectly!


Chris was born as Christopher Fleig in a small town called Elmshorn, where

he began experiencing with his first Synthesizer when he was 15.


While studing at Germanys famous MUSICSTATION POP ACADEMY, he recorded his first Album „Welcome To Utopia“ with some of his music lecturers and a string quartet!


After a while Chris began DJing and soon he played in the most famous Clubs of Hamburg. That is one of the reasons, why his 2nd album „STEREO GALAXY“ sounds so different from the first one. The title track of the album became a club hit and was included on the No.1 Album „The Disco Boys Vol 5“.


Besides his own projects, Chris worked with a lot of other musicians f.e.

„THE VOICE“ super talent PERCIVAL, German Entertainer Sweetheart Annie Heger and the German Pop Duo ELBGLANZ, who topped the Radio Charts in 2017.


Since the beginning of 2019, Chris has been working on his 3rd album:

DIGITAL BUBBLEGUM is expected to release in 2021.



What I do

In den folgenden Bereichen können Sie mich buchen:



Ich bediene ein breites Spektrum von

Pop, Rock, Dance bishin zu RnB und Hip-Hop.


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Ich schreibe auch für andere Künstler oder andere Produzenten.


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Ich lege seit 1997 professionell in Clubs, Bars, auf Events, Partys oder Privatveranstaltungen wie Hochzeiten oder Firmenfeiern auf.


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